By Cam Jones


Platform: Online Course

Format: 7x Modules (30+ Years experience compressed into just 3-Hours of content!)

Flow: 2x Short Videos Per Module

Module Content: My Story (Experience) & Tutorial (Instructional) Video Content

Implementation Tool: 1-Page Weekly ‘Accountability’ Checklist

Price: $97 AUD / $67 USD

Welcome to CLARITY, DIRECTION and HOPE (for your child’s football journey at least!).

The Football Parent Support Program is the ‘World’s First’ (as far as we are aware!) Online Course specifically tailored to help YOU – the Football Parent – cut through the clutter! And put all the necessary pieces in place to one of the world’s most challenging puzzles – the young footballer’s journey!

How do we do this?

We know how time-poor parents are, so this short and sharp 7-Part Modular Online Course will walk YOU – the Football Parent – through the 7-Essentials required to curate the optimal environment for your football-loving child. Helping them maximise their football potential and love for the game.

But there’s no point educating, unless we also empower! Beliveing that ‘what gets measured, gets improved’!

Our 1-Page Weekly ‘Accountability’ Checklist provides exactly that for parents and their children. Bringing all your newfound insights and learnings into full colour through this amazingly practical and powerful tool. Keeping you and your child accountable to the process. And directionally on-track to the final destination!

So, what are you waiting for, jump in, get started, and let’s start putting the pieces in place to curate the very best environment for your child’s football journey TODAY!

As Pep says ….

“It all starts with a Spark!”

What it looks like on the inside!

The 7-Essentials

Built on GENUINE Football Knowledge & Experience

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